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What is your Brand’s Story?

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    What is your Brand’s Story? Everyone has a story. When we first meet someone new, we ask questions to unveil their story. Where are you from? What do you do? What do you like? At the core, we are trying to find a way to align with that person along some common ground. Brands are no different in this way. Your brand isn’t just a logo, a company tagline, color choices and imagery chosen to promote your brand.  Your brand should have a story. Stories make life interesting and give people a way to connect. People crave them, which creates a big opportunity for brand storytelling.


    A brand story is made up of all that you are and all that you do. From the company’s history, mission, inspiration, goals,  and audience. It’s why you exist. Your story is the people, places, and ideas that your company thrives on. It’s the foundation that keeps a brand going and growing. It’s a whole blend of vital pieces of information about your business — how you came to be, why your products or services are special, what you’re passionate about, your company culture, how you make people’s lives better, and why you would do business with your company.


    You have found your brand story and voice. Good. Now you must create a brand strategy. A brand strategy is both a short-term and long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. Once every member of your business understands the value of what you are offering, only then can they be your brand’s true ambassadors. With that plan in place, it’s important to know who you are talking to. Who are your ideal audience and potential customer? To tell your brand story, you must know who your audience really is.


    What is a brand’s ideal customer? According to Seth Godin, here’s what defines an ideal customer:

  • A customer who wants your products.
  • A customer who has the ability to pay for the product.
  • A customer who has the authority to purchase your product.


    Just like the meeting a new person scenario, a brand needs to “question” who their ideal customer is.  The more detailed questions, the better. Be specific when it comes to describing this ideal person. Ultimately you want to know how your brand can be a solution to their problems or simplify their lives. With your brand positioned correctly

  • Your customers will have a problem that you can solve.
  • They have unique reasons to buy your product.
  • They found your story engaging and are curious to see if your brand aligns with their needs.
  • They identify with and share your brand’s values.


    When a brand is clear about its heart, story, vision, and worth, it’s then able to weave the possibility of its value into customer’s lives. Equipped with your brand story, brand strategy, and questions for an alignment with an ideal customer base, you will be on your way to building a strong and successful brand that people love.





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