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Digital Development

UI/UX, Platform & Apps

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Since the term “Responsive Design” was coined by Ethan Marcotte back in 2010, there has been an ever-increasing variety of platforms available to access products and services. Our designs follow RWD best practices for usability as well as performance. Because designing for only one type of device will leave users with a frustrating experience, we design all of our websites and applications using this approach.

When people think about building a new website, they often want one that has a real Wow factor. We’re into looks too. But we’re just as interested (if not more so) in the functionality and how much work the site can perform. And by work, we mean efficiently transforming visitors into customers. As a creative solutions team, we are looking for that perfect intersection of form, function, and fashion. We channel what we learn about our clients’ needs and wants into fully integrated digital developments for web, training & education platforms and mobile applications.

Our team will walk you through the project scope taking into account the design theory, UI/UX strategy, development process, and implementation of the platform for usability and deployment. We design and develop all of our digital products with a user-centered focus, all while being attentive to the budgetary and time-sensitive needs of our clients.

Creativity & Development

Building a beautiful website or an integrative application is fun but creating a functional and effective product is a science. We have the experience necessary to develop a website that is inviting to your visitor, an intuitive app that engages the user, and a platform that educates and informs a student. We pride ourselves in our ability to funnel users from the landing page into deeper content using intuitive navigation and “call to action” triggers. These enable us to connect with the user and get them the information they need to make decisions, transfer data, or buy products.

We go beyond the creative aspects of development and also help provide you with the necessary tracking tools, security, SEO structuring, analytics, logistics, and payment processing resources. We can help you to understand who is visiting your web page, where they are originating from and how long they are spending on your site. When we better understand your customers we can create content that appeals to them.

Our development and creative solutions team work together to create visually stimulating content that is effective for driving engagement and creating positive user experiences. As well as utilizing analytics and tracking customer use cases is where we are able to gather the necessary information to implement the strategy and transitionary tactics for your business.

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