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Program Management Solutions

RescueStat is a healthcare technology pioneer focused on saving lives and protecting organizations from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). We do this by delivering simple solutions backed by innovative technology and expert human support. RescueStat exists to save lives and protect organizations from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Design Approach

RescueStat provides comprehensive solutions for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). With more than 20 years of experience, RescueStat is uniquely qualified to help your organization create and maintain a best-in-class AED program! More than just compliance. Compliance is important, but like buying an AED, it is just a start. RescueStat Program Management helps you focus on best practices that help save lives and manage risk.

You can save a life…be a first responder. Our partner companies have survival rates of 7x the national average. Join the tens of thousands of health-conscious companies that are combatting an epidemic that has a known treatment.

UI/UX & Web Development
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